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We are still meeting our mission by serving you and thousands of others through our ongoing programming, private tours and loans. In fact, for four out of the last five years, M&G was named the Best Art Gallery in the Greenville News Best of the Upstate—even without a museum building open to the public!

Educational Outreach

Did you know that before COVID during the 2018-2019 academic year, M&G educators taught arts-integrated, core subject matter lessons in a record number of South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina schools? Invited by the schools—95% of them public schools—Museum on the Move educators taught in 463 classrooms before 12,436 students. This past year, 499 classrooms were scheduled before COVID cut the year short. However, M&G invested during the closure time to produce online, virtual versions of MOM lessons which have already been used by local teachers with rave reviews.

In addition to Museum on the Move, M&G currently offers online enrichment curriculum for homeschoolers and plans to offer live Kids Create! summer art day camps for K-6th grade in the summer of 2021. 

To learn more about M&G’s educational program, click:

Art Loans

An opening day tour of the Picture Books of the Past exhibit of 64 M&G paintings at the Museum of the Bible, Washington, D.C.

M&G has a long history of loaning works from the Collection to local, neighboring institutions as well as to some of the most famous museums in the world. The current closure of M&G has enabled more paintings to travel the globe for more people to enjoy and experience them!
In recent years, both Wofford College and the Georgia Museum of Art have requested recurring loans from the Collection for varied exhibitions. M&G’s largest loan to date (64 paintings!) is to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., for an exhibition closing November 14, 2020. Having the Collection in the nation’s capital has allowed M&G to strengthen relationships with the National Gallery and begin a relationship with the Italian Embassy. After giving 2 ambassadors and their staff private tours, the embassy’s staff have offered to help bring art loans from Italy to the new M&G.
You can learn more about M&G Art World connections here. (Yes! M&G paintings have even been requested by the Louvre!)

Private Tours

Even though M&G isn’t able to offer public hours for viewing art, selections from the Collection are exhibited in locations on the university campus. Private tour groups are able to explore the German Renaissance and its impact, the life and legacy of the Father of American Painting, Benjamin West, and ancient civilizations like Egypt and Rome—with an M&G docent. Private tours are available to schedule for groups of 10 or more! Choose your tour focus here.

Your M&G Tomorrow

Now at a pivotal moment in M&G’s story, the Museum & Gallery board and administration would like to increase the cultural influence of the Collection by making it more visible and accessible, increasing the opportunities for its use and enjoyment, and expanding the impact of its educational programming.

The new home for M&G will be built along the banks of the Reedy River in downtown Greenville within view of the Peace Center and Main Street.

Moving to a New Beginning

Visit our Beauty Matters campaign site to see current renderings and learn more about the new M&G.

Stay Current

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What was originally a gift for you…

“Nothing is too good for God, and here on these walls you see great talent employed in His service. . . .  You may not be an artist yourselves, but you have eyes to see and hearts to appreciate and souls to respond. It is my prayer that each of you will find here something which will make your lives more richly revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 

Dr. Bob Jones Jr., M&G founder, at the 1951 Art Gallery dedication

…is now a gift you can share with current and future students as well as all of Greenville, anyone visiting Greenville, and those encountering the paintings around the world on loan.

Even if your first Museum & Gallery experience as a freshman wasn’t 100% volitional, we’re hopeful you’ll be excited about how God has used the Collection over the years and continues to use it to transform lives.

In fact, that’s the mission of M&G—Transforming lives through fine art.

As a freshman, I remember being ‘dragged’ through the art museum. The building was nice, but halfway through I was looking for a way out. However, since that time, I’ve learned that most of the paintings depict Bible Stories and by sharing this art with the public it creates a creative witness for Christ.

—Wayne Wright, Class of 1971, New Windsor, NY

Three ways you can help build the new M&G

Your Gift Matters

Your gift will help bring the beauty of art and its message of the gospel to all who visit M&G and attend our educational programs.
For the next 3 years, all M&G Homecoming donations will go directly to funding the first floor Welcome Theatre, which will provide an orientation to the Collection before the guests encounter the art on the three floors above. We’re trusting you can help us meet our multi-year goal of raising $1,000,000 from as many alumni and friends as possible. (There are additional ways to give you can consider beyond sending a check or giving online.)

A Warm Welcome and Tribute

All 2020 donors will be listed on the 2020 section of the “M&G Homecoming Wall of Welcome” adjacent to the Welcome Theatre. Guests entering the museum through the theatre will be introduced to Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. and his vision together with God’s providence clearly visible in the Collection’s story. We hope you’ll agree that having you welcoming guests to the new museum is a fitting tribute.


Isn’t M&G part of the University?

Actually, the Museum & Gallery, Inc. has been a separate legal entity since 1996 and doesn’t share any board members with the University.

What’s wrong with M&G’s current building?

The current museum space is one of the original buildings constructed in 1947 for the Greenville campus, where it functioned as the University’s Dining Common. In 1965, it opened as a newly renovated museum, and it has served M&G well since. However, the building needs significant improvement to provide an environment to adequately preserve and display the Old Master collection long-term. The building’s mechanicals—HVAC, electrical and lighting, and more—require complete replacement and modernization.  Additionally, the building is owned by BJU. Moving will allow M&G to own and operate its own property and release the current space for BJU’s purposes.

Why is M&G moving downtown?

Once M&G’s Board determined that the current building wasn’t the best option for the care of and access to the Collection, they commissioned a Charitable Interest Assessment (also called a feasibility study). The Assessment’s purpose was to determine both the interest of current M&G donors as well as a broader segment of Greenville residents and community leaders in supporting a capital campaign for a new M&G. Further, the Assessment sought to determine both the preference among interviewees for the location of a new M&G and the impact that location would have on the success of the necessary capital campaign. A strong majority of participants indicated they would support the campaign for the new M&G in “walkable downtown” Greenville—ensuring much greater access to the Collection.

What are the benefits of the new building?

Opening a new museum facility in walkable downtown Greenville will provide state of the art environmental design and mechanicals for the Collection, square footage that will nearly double the size of the current space, the ability to design the museum visitor’s experience with the Collection, and greater access to an internationally respected art collection that has been called “a hidden gem.” M&G will be positioned in the heart of a growing tourism destination, where thousands of people visit annually, rather than a private University campus on the city’s borders.

How much money is M&G trying to raise for the new museum?

$22.5 Million dollars for the build-out of the new M&G in the South Carolina Arts & Cultural Center as well as seeding an operating endowment for M&G. Specifically, the allocation of the Beauty Matters Campaign Goal is as follows:

22.5M Comprehensive Campaign

I thought M&G was closed?

While the art galleries are closed to the public, M&G staff are still caring for the art and objects, managing loans, and preparing the Collection for a significant move. In addition to the behind-the-scenes labor of collection care, M&G continues to pursue our mission of transforming lives through fine art through our public programming for children and adults. Key Arts Encounter programs include Homeschool Days and Museum on the Move—both which have been augmented with digital versions as a result of COVID-19. Art Break for adults–previously a monthly in-person lunch & learn during the academic year—has been launched as a podcast for the 2020-2021 academic year given COVID-19 restrictions.  Plus, M&G has launched multiple enrichment features online about the Collection and the world of art.

When I give to the University, am I supporting M&G?

No. While the University and M&G are and will continue to be strategic ministry partners, they operate with different leadership and separate budgets with separate and distinct fundraising and earned revenue operations.

What does the art world think of the Collection?

The “Bob Jones Collection” is well-known in the art community around the world. In fact, M&G has loaned works in the Collection as close as the Greenville County Museum of Art and as far away as the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo. For a list of museums M&G has loaned to, visit In Good Company.

“It is a rare and special opportunity to see art of this period and caliber outside New York City, Washington, D.C., or the major capitals of Europe.”

Susan H. Edwards, Ph.D.
Executive Director and CEO
Frist Center for the Visual Art

“It is one of the largest and most interesting collections of European paintings in this country.”

Susan Donahue Kuretsky
Vassar College

What was the original purpose of the Collection?

Credibility: In the late 1940s, art historian and connoisseur, Carl Hamilton, suggested to Bob Jones Jr. that the college should have an art collection since the nation’s strongest institutions of higher learning had respected collections of art. The Collection, then, would help provide a source of credibility for the school’s position academically. Bob Jones Jr. presented the idea to the Executive Committee and pointed out that with an excellent School of Fine Arts and a strong School of Religion, it was especially appropriate to confine the collection to western religious art since every collection required a focus to prevent becoming a random gathering of unrelated works. Bob Jones College had received the Bowen Collection of Bible Land Materials (antiquities and models) in previous years, so it was decided that the art and antiquities would be displayed together in the same building. The college set aside annual funds for purchasing art as a priority for the school’s liberal arts focus.

Cultural and Spiritual Emphasis: The collection is uniquely composed of religious paintings—primarily those which illustrate Scriptural events or portray biblical characters. Its impact is cultural by providing students of all ages an understanding of history, the development of art in the Western world, and an appreciation of great painting. But more importantly, the Collection also promotes spiritual growth and a realization of the power and universality of the Christian message and the Word of God, whether proclaimed from the pulpit, by pen, or the brush of an artist. M&G’s founder, Dr. Bob Jones Jr. emphasized that the collection was “an educational tool and source of reference in connection with the study of the history of art.” He stated publicly at the museum’s 1951 dedication, “You may not be an artist yourselves, but you have eyes to see and hearts to appreciate, and souls to respond. It is my prayer that each of you will find here something which will make your lives more richly revealing of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What’s M&G’s Mission?

Through its collection of sacred art, the Museum & Gallery exists to promote the appreciation, understanding, and preservation of quality fine art that reflects universal and scriptural truths based on God’s Word and works. M&G extends its collection into communities at home and abroad through its educational and cultural outreaches that enrich the whole man—mind, heart, and soul.

To reach our mission of transforming lives through fine art, the Museum & Gallery seeks and develops opportunities with students of all ages—through events, programming, in-school lessons, tours, exhibit loans, and online features. We take joy in sharing the Collection locally and as far as our work and the art can travel because we genuinely desire to touch the whole person—mind, heart, and soul, as the Lord allows.

Like Joseph, Moses, Daniel, and Paul who lived faithfully in secular societies and used every tool, even those deemed “secular” to reveal the power of God, so M&G has a similar opportunity to present these ages old, man-made objects as vehicles to draw men to the beauty of Christ Himself.

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